Rainey Adams – I need some care

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I was wrong when I told you
that I was fine,
I lied everytime I said that I felt
I needed just to run away
I needed just to be ok,
Now I’m here,
but this is not the best
this place is not my place
I thaught that it was different
but I need some care
I thaught that life was easier
and here I am, oh

Please, take me home
this is not what I thaught,
Please, take me home
I am so alone
and I can get out,

I thaught that I was ready
to be free,
to live without anyone next to me
but today I can feel
like nothing was perfect
that all is so false
and I can’t tell you the truth

(chorus x2)

you can be someone now
dont get lost,
as I did now,
I was worng
when I said
that I could make it
that everything was ok

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