Pelicula – Shade sheist f/ nate dogg – cali diseaz

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[Nate Dogg]
Every time I feel the music
Man I loose it
Every time
Every time I fell the music
Man I loose it
Every time

[Shade Shiest]
Yo, check it, check it out
Yo, uh-huh
Shiest the vet, fresh out your ghetto tape decks
It´s me and Nate back at it with another for your neck
Another for a check (means), Another for the set (green)
Is what I need to get, Cali?s where I wanna be
And I ain´t got to lie about the hood or the city
Shade straight from the sue of Jerry up where it´s shitty
I got a mouth on me, farthest thing from being pretty
As I cash a check compliments of Nate and Dogg Pound-dation
Shade move the feet of every nation
Kids got the beast now, Trey about to eat now
We both got a plan to leave them haters in they sleep now
Soakin? in the sweat from the heat from the speaks now


[Nate Dogg]
There ain´t, no way I´m missing my call
Suddenly fall fucking with y?all
Homie can´t you; see me trying to get paid
Everyday any kinda way
There ain´t, no way you taking my bang
Let your ass think your pussy don´t stank
Hell no, you got it all wrong
You need to move on, I´m singing my song
Tell me, can you feel the beat
Is it, moving your feet?
Cause it, surely moves me
Well then, ok let´s be on our way
Shade Shiest and big Nate
Just let the beat bang


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