Phil Collins – If leaving me is easy

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I read all the letters
i read each word that you´ve sent to me
and though its past now, and your words start to fade
all the memories I´ve had, still remain

I´ve kept all the pictures, but i hide my feelings so no-one knows
oh sure my friends all come round,
but I´m in a crowd, and own my own
its cos you´re gone now, but your heart heart still remains
and it?ll be here if you come again

you see I´d heard the rumours
i knew before you let me know
but i didn´t believe it, not you
no, you would not let me go

seems i was wrong,
but i love, love you the same
and that´s the one thing that you can´t take away

but just remember

if leaving me is easy,
then you know, coming back is harder
If leaving me is easy,

-‘–1&q=Phil%2-Collins&sa=Buscar’ – Phil Collins-






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