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Prince – Darling nikki

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I knew a girl named Nikki
I guess u could say she was a sex fiend
I met her in a hotel lobby
Masturbating with a magazine
She said how?d u like 2 waste some time
And I could not resist when I saw little Nikki grind

She took me 2 her castle
And I just couldn´t believe my eyes
She had so many devices
Everything that money could buy
She said sign your name on the dotted line
The lights went out
And Nikki started 2 grind


The castle started spinning
Or maybe it was my brain
I can´t tell u what she did 2 me
But my body will never be the same
Her lovin? will kick your behind
Oh, she?ll show u no mercy
But she?ll sho?nuff sho?nuff show u how 2 grind

Darlin? Nikki

Woke up the next morning
Nikki wasn´t there
I looked all over and all I found
Was a phone unmber on the stairs
It said thank u 4 a funky time
Call me up whenever u want 2 grind

Oh, Nikki, ohhhh

Come back Nikki, come back
Your dirty little Prince
Wanna grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind

[backwards at the end]
“Hello, how r u? I´m fine cause I know
That the Lord is coming soon, coming, coming soon”

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