Prince – The marrying kind

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If U leave her now
Ur never gonna 2 c her again – Never
Now she´s gonna need a shoulder 2 cry on
She´s gonna need a friend
She´s gonna need a pillow case – something 2 put those tears on
And Eye?ve got some purple satin lacys
1 second later than the second U gone

She? gonna miss U at first
But then she´s gonna buy me things
That´s when Eye?m gonna lay her
?cross my piano stool and sing 2 her

Honey, Eye tried 2 tell him
That U were the marrying kind
A faithful 1-man-woman
The best he would ever find
Eye guess he wasn´t trying 2 hear that
So there ain´t nothing left 2 say
Eye tried 2 tell him if U run 2 me
Eye won´t run away

If U leave her now
U?ll never get another glimpse
Eye?m going 2 lace her with enough ice to recap the polls
There might b another solar eclipse
She´s gonna find:
:bath water hot enough 2 b touched (oh, man porkchop is hurtin?)
Eye?m gonna put her on the same diet Missy went on
U know she eat 2 much
Tonight, she´s gonna miss U at first
But then she?ll get used 2 me
All of the tricks Eye would try
2 make her take this ring and make love 2 me


Run away
Don´t run away

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