Queen – Son & daughter.

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Tried to be your son and daughter rolled into one
You said you´d equal any man for having your fun
Now didn´t you feel surprise to find
The cap just didn´t fit?
The world expects a man
To buckle down and to shovel shit

What?ll you do for loving
When it´s only just begun?
I want you to be a woman

Tried to be a teacher and a fisher of men
An equal
Will you lead us all the same?
Well I travelled around the world
To find a brand new word for day
Watching the time mustn?t linger behind
Pardon me I have to get away
What?ll you think of heaven
If it´s back from where you came?
I want you to be a woman-‘–1&q=Queen&sa=Buscar’ – Queen-

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