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Queen – The hitman.

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I´m the hitman
Stand aside
I´m the hitman
I want your life
Ain´t no escaping
Don´t run and hide
There goes the neighbourhood
I´m gonna kill for your love
Now don´t you cry
I´m just it man
And you might get fried
Gun in my pocket
Don´t get me wrong
I´ll be your hitman – a fool for your love
I´m the head shredder –
That´s better –
Baby baby baby
I´m a hitman – hitman – hitman
Yeah – trouble in the east, troubled in the west
Struggle with the beast – what a thief, what a pest
Come back mother / nuke that sucker
Yeah – yeah – yeah
I´m the hitman – that´s the way to do it
I´m your prize
But this hitman –
Can cut you down to size
Love me (baby)
Don´t be so cool
Love me love me baby
I´ve been to the hitman school
Yeah – yeah
You´re gonna make my day
Gonna blow you away
Now the fun begins
Are you ready for the sting
Gonna waste that thing
Hitman is king

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