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Pearl Jam – Insignificance

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All in all,” its no ones fault,”
excuses turn to carbon wall,”
blame it all on chemical intercourse

the swallowed seeds of arrogance,”
breeding in the thoughts of ten,”
thousand fools who fight irrelevance

the full moon is dead skin,”
the one down heres wearing thin,”
so set up, the ten pins
as the human tide rolls in,”
like a ball that’s spinning

Bombs ,” dropping down,”
overhead,” underground,”
its instilled,” to wanna live

Bombs ,” dropping down,”
please forgive,” our hometown,”
In our insignificance

Turn the jukebox up, he said,”
Dancing in irreverance,”
Play V3,” let the song protest

The plates begin to shift,”
perfect lefts come rolling in,”
I was alone,” and far away,”
when I heard the band start playing,”
on the lip,” late take off

Bombs ,” dropping down,”

Feel like resonance of distance,”
In the blood, the iron lies

Its instilled,” to wanna live

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