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Jamiroquai – Soul Education

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I didn´t have time for school
Spent my days breaking the rules and regulations
And inbetween they´re having fun
The teachers told me son, get me an education
So I had my bout of freedom
Dressed like a man through four seasons
Hey I´m steppin out so cut me loose
And as mama waved goodbye
Tears were welling in her eyes
She don´t need them
I turned to her and said

I´ve got my soul education
You know its stitched into the clothes
That I wear
Got my life information
Upon the breeze that´s blowing through my hair
Got a pocket full of rainbows
Oh and a sky to put them in so blue
So let the music come and save you
I found a God that I can pray to
Deep inside my soul, hey

See your mad you can´t delude
That there is no substitute
For intuition, it´s no superstition
So if you find your petrified,
To let some natural law apply
Then there´s a whole lot missing baby yeah
So you know I´m blessed celestially
Got a direct link with destiny yeah
Don´t ask me why
I´m in the sky
And if there´s green wax in your eye
Somethings money just can´t buy, hey
Rags to riches, babes to bitches
But the ride don´t mind cause I got my

I Know I got my soul education
[repeat chorus x2]

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