Janet Jackson – Control

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This is a story about control, my control

Control of what I say, control of what I do

And this time I´m gonna do it my way

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do

Are we ready´ I am? cause it´s all about control

And I´ve got lots of it

When I was 17, I did what people told me

Did what my father said, and let my mother mold me

But that was long ago


I´m in control, never gonna stop

Control, to get what I want

Control, I got to have a lot

Control, now I´m all grown up

First time I fell in love

I didn´t know what hit me

So young and so naive

I thought it would be easy

But now I know I´ve go to take

Repeat chorus

That´s right, I´m on my own,

I´ll call my own shots, thank you


Got my own mind

I wanna make my own decisions

When it has to do with my life, my life

I wanna be the one in control

So let me take you by the hand

And lead you on this dance

Cause what I´ve got is because I took a chance

I don´t wanna rule the world

Just wanna run my life

So make your life a little easier

When you get the chance just take

Repeat chorus

Free at last, out here on my own

Now control this

That´s right, career moves

I do what´s right for me

And me wants to groove

Is that ok?

Repeat bridge

Hop to it

I´m in control (and I love it, that´s right)

Control, now I´ve got a lot

Control, now I´m all grown up

I´m in control, I´m in control

Don´t make me lose it

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