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Janet Jackson – Miss You Much

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Shot like an arrow through my heart

That´s the pain I feel

I feel whenever we´re apart

Not to say that I´m in love with you

But who´s to say that I´m not

I just know that it feels wrong,

When I´m away too long

It makes my body hot, so let me tell ya baby


I´ll tell your mama, I´ll tell your friends

I´ll tell anyone

Whose heart can comprehend

Send it in a letter baby

Tell you on the phone

I´m not the kinda girl

Who likes to be alone

I miss ya much (boy-oh-i miss you much)

I really miss you much (m-i-s-s you much)

I miss ya much (boy-oh-i miss you much)

Baby I really miss you much (m-i-s-s you much)

I´m rushing home

Just as soon as I can

I´m rushing home to see

Your smiling face

And feel your warm embrace

It makes f-feel so g-g-g good

So I´ll tell you baby

Repeat chorus

I miss you much

I really really miss you

You much

I miss you much

I´m not ashamed to tell the world

I miss you

Repeat chorus





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