Janet Jackson – Twenty Foreplay

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Sleep my love

Don´t you worry

You just sleep my love

And I´ll stroke your hair

Oh the sunlight on your face

As the day begins to break

When you wake

And your smile meets mine ah

My day begins

You´re my inspiration

Seeing your face glow

In the nicest of hellos

Five till noon

You sneak up from behind

Kiss and caress me

Make love to my mind

A whisper and kiss from you

Warms my heart

Means so much

Making love our way

Begins early in the day

You walk in the room

In a sunset sort of room

My emotions light up

cause of you

Now that evening?s come

We´re dressed for us my love

Wine and candles puts us in a sexy moon

That´s when we get to it

Close our eyes

Feel our way though it

I can´t wait to groove ya

cause you sure know how to move it

You´ve made love to my mind

Now you gotta take me from behind

Just like in the movies

When the action begins

Let´s put on a show (can´t you feel it)

And we´ll take it nice and slow (can´t you feel it)

Oh here we go (can´t you feel it)

Tell me do you want the blindfold (can´t you feel it)

Tell me what you like (can´t you feel it)

Baby should I do it once or twice (can´t you feel it)

I know that we´ve getting? naughty (can´t you feel it)

But I know you like it like that

Now that we felt this warm explosion

I know you´re satisfied (I know you´re satisfied)

I see it in your eyes (I see it in your eyes)

Relax be still my love (still my love)

Let your heart slow down (heart slow down)

cause I´m not through my dear

Don´t stop

Remember twenty foreplay

Can you feel it twenty foreplay

I need it twenty foreplay

I need it twenty foreplay

You know I need it

Yes I need it

24 hours a day

Can you feel it

24 hours a day

Can you feel it

Twenty foreplay

Not yet

Its not what you say

Before we start to play

It´s what you say after

That makes me want to stay

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