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Pantera – Where You Come From

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When the world pronounced me dead
Put me in the grave
The cut off my legs
It was not long
I couldn´t hold my mouth
I ran my head
I ran my head

It´s strange to be around again
Things might have killed me
But not the bastard in the skies
I was fucking with the plan
Asking for it all,
Call it karma or guilt
Being dragged down the road
Call it wisdom or ignorance

But it´s still alive
And it´s in me now
And it lives and breathes
But, I can´t give a fuck
I´ve got a big mouth
And there´s a lot to learn
From a bottle of whiskey
It´s where you come from
(the south)

A remedy to the curse
Cold turkey, drop the bomb
On harder wares control
Suspend above, become one
Look at what´s around
It may piss you off
It might be shit
But I just can´t lie around
Feeling sorry for myself

I could care less
(from weed and whiskey)
I fell in front of my friends
I dropped out in front of the world
You call that supernatural?
I ain´t

Black wings will weather your flight
For some there´s no second time
Following paths of your life
I stepped off the mountain to the sky

Watch your ass no
It´s where you come from
It´s where you come from





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