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Jay-Z – Honey

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[Intro: Jay-Z]
Uh, its the boy Jay-Z, and the boy R Kel
The best of both worlds, please believe it
Brookland, Chi-Town, to all the beautiful ladies in the world
Dedicated to TT my niece, everybody in the world, talk to ´em Kel
That´s right, Tone this is mean and vicious man, so mean and vicious
Rockland, Roc-a-Fella, the best of both worlds, come on

[Verse 1: Jay-Z]
Lord forgive me I´m ballin? out of control
Got the spirit of a hustler pouring out of my soul
Mami I love you but ain´t no stopping my stroll
If you wanna be down with me you gotta rooolll
Like a roll and if my side of the bed gets cold
You gotta know that I´m out chasin? doooough
I´m ain´t stunting these hoes
Stunting my growth if I fuck ´em I´m fleeing them
I need something to hold
Then I´m home to you
I might roam like a cellular phone
But I never leave you alone I
Solemnly swear, I was married to the block before I met you
It´s still a part of me there but I
Solemnly swear, I try but it´s in my blood
Pumping yay since I was yay high
I´m in love with the life
So except me for the bastard that I am
You´re still in love with me right?

[Chorus: R Kelly]
Baby I can´t figure it out
Said you pussy tastes like honey
But I can´t stop huggin? the block
All night tryna get this money

Stuck between these two worlds
What I´m gonna do with both these girls
Two main squeezes in separate cities
Both found out man, shit ain´t pretty
Stuck between these two worlds
What I´m gonna do with both these girls
Hard to choose between her and these streets
Cuz the game keeps calling me

[Verse 2: Jay-Z]
Baby girl had me off my grind, off my clock
I would often find I was off my block
Couldn´t keep her off my mind, my balls were shot
They never thought that a pause or stop
Was in my pores to push rock raw
Take a lost rebound like Bo Outlaw, I´m so outlaw
Got a hunger for this game, but keep that on the low
Like a one against the grain
Got the sun against my brain
A girl in my ear
I like her for her
I´m a dig into this shit, I like it like I like her
Sometimes I can´t figure it out
I´m in love with the life but she´s sticking it out
She know wanna hug kisses keep a nigga in the house
Lock down while his niggas is out (out)

[Chorus X2]

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