Jessica Simpson – Heart of innocence

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Sometimes I wake up in the dark of night
And in my mind there´s a picture of you
I know someday this dream will come alive
So for now your shadow will do
I´ve never seen your face
But I know your in my heart
Maybe someday some place
I´ll hold you in my arms


I have a gift for you
Something that I´ve held on to
Waiting for your sweet caress
The ribbon has beed on tight
For all that I hold inside
And only you will possess
This heart of innocence

I lay my head down on a pillow of white
Your in the dark I am cradled in peace
No thoughts from yesterday to haunt me at night
No tears to dry, no sad memories
It isn´t hard to hold
And now I´ll safely keep
The strength that´s in my soul
Until you come to me


Every night I make a wish before I fall asleep
That destiny will take your hand
And lead you to me


[spoken] I love you

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