No Doubt – I Throw My Toys Around

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feat Elvis Costello

I’ve got no time for fairy stories
I’m not a little girl
So you can leave me all alone
And turn off the lights as well
If you were frightened
Then whistle
But I don’t think you’d like it
Such a nice kid
Nobody’s looking now (nobody’s looking)
I throw my toys around
Somebody’s being very bad
I wonder who it can be
Somebody’s going to get in trouble
I know it isn’t me
I’m just a little angel
Bet you don’t know what I’ve done
When your back’s turned
Pick up those building blocks
Chop off the baby’s locks
Swing dolly by the hair
Put down that teddy bear
Slam dunk the happy clown
I throw my toys around
I’ve got no time for bedtime stories
I’m not a little child
Everything makes me furious
And everything makes me wild
If you were frightened then whistle
And I come running to you
As you boo hoo





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