Notorious B.I.G. – Intro

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[Puff Daddy]
C?mon Shorty stay push, c?mon
C?mon, c?mon push it´s almost there
One more time, c?mon
[baby cries]
C?mon push baby, one more time
[baby cries]
Harder harder, push harder
Push, push, c?mon
One more time, here it goes!
I see the head!
Yeah c?mon!
You did it baby, yeah!

[Curtis Mayfield?s «Super Fly» plays over this]

[Sugarhill Gang?s «Rappers Delight» fades in]

the hibby, the hibby dibby hip hop and ya don´t stop!
Rock it out baby bubba, to the boogedy bang bang
The boogey to the boogedy beat
Now what you hear is not a test, I´m rappin, to the beat

[voice comes in over]
God damnit, what the fuck are you doin?
You can´t control that god damn boy? (What?)
I just saw Ms Jersey, he told me he caught the
motherfuckin boy and chopped him
(Get your black ass off!)
You can´t control the god, I don´t know
what the fuck to do with that boy
(What the fuck do you, whatta you do?)
If if you can´t fuckin control him
(All you fuckin do is bitch at me)
Bitch, what I say, I´ma send his motherfuckin ass
to a group home goddamnit, what??
I´ll smack the shit outta you bitch
Take your black ass, the fuck outta here)
otherfucker, you are fuckin up
(Comin in here, smellin like pile of shit, dumb motherfucker)

[Sugarhill fades out, Audio Two fades in]

Gizmo?s cuttin, up for the
Suckers that´s, down with me!

What nigga you wanna rob them motherfuckin trains you crazy?
[BIG:] Yes, yes, motherfucker, motherfuckin right, nigga yes
Nigga what the fuck nigga? We gonna get
[BIG:] Nigga it´s eighty-seven nigga, is you dead broke?
Yeah nigga but, but
[BIG:] Motherfucker is you broke motherfucker?
We need to get some motherfuckin paper nigga
Yeah but nigga it´s a train ain´t nobody robbed no motherfuckin train
[BIG:] Just listen man, your mother givin you money nigga?
My moms don´t give me shit nigga, it´s time to get paid nigga
is you wit me? [gun clicks] Motherfuck is you wit me?
Yeah I´m wit you nigga c?mon
[BIG:] Alright then nigga lets make it happen then
All you motherfuckers get on the fuckin floor! *blam blam*
Get on the motherfuckin floor!
[BIG:] Chill, give me all your motherfuckin money
And don´t move nigga!
[BIG:] Give me all your motherfuckin money, I want the jewelry
Give me every fuckin thing
Nigga I´d shut the fuck up or I´ma blow your motherfuckin brains out!
Nigga, give me your jewerly, give me your wallet
[BIG:] Fuck you bitch, get up off that shit
What the fuck you holdin on to that shit for bitch?

[Audio Two fades out, Snoop Dogg fades in]

Open C-74, Smalls

Mr Smalls, let me walk you to the door
So how does it feel leavin us?
[BIG:] C?mon man, what kind of fuckin question is that man?
Tryin to get the fuck up out this joint dog
Yeah, yeah, you´ll be back
You niggaz always are
[BIG:] Go head man, what the fuck is you hollerin about?
You won´t see me up in this motherfucker no mroe
We´ll see
[BIG:] I got big plans nigga, big plans, hahahahaha

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