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Kandi – Can´t Come Back

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A funny thing happened to me just the other day
A girl came my way
She called your name, she said some things
I thought it was just some hear-say
But then she showed me a picture or two
Of her with some dude
In positions that weren?t cool
And then I looked again
And I saw that this dude was you

My first reaction was to snap on her
But what good would that do?
You know that I had better things
Than fightin? over you
So many times, it seems that I refuse to see the truth
But this time, you know that I am through

1 – so just walk right out the door
Cuz you can´t come back here no more
You know we´ve been through this before
So you can´t come back, you can´t come back

You´re in and out of my life
This time was your last try
You made your bed, so there you lie
So you can´t come back

The last time you deceived me
You said give you one more chance
You blamed it on your weaknesses
Of just being a man
I was a fool to believe in you
Put my heart in your hands
I shoulda known when you did me wrong
You´d just do it again

Please just leave, no convincing me
You will ever be the man for me
I´m so sick and tired
Of hearing lies from you
Just pack your bags
Cuz I am through

Repeat 1

Did everything to please you
But still, there wasn´t enough
Gave you my heart and soul, total control
All I wanted was your love
And see, now time after time
I kept takin? you back
Endless tears I spent on you
And I´m tired of forgiving
So goodbye, good riddence
It´s time for me to start living

Repeat 1

Can´t come back no more
(you can´t hurt me, no)
No, you can´t come back no more
(no matter what you say to me, boy it´s over)
Can´t come back no more
No, you can´t come back no more
No more, no more, no more





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