Kelis – Trilogy

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There´s only one way to my galaxy
Hop on your moon soon
Don´t separate it from me
Your feet wont? touch the ground
Cause there´s no gravity
Experiencing my trilogy

It seems like you´re ready to go
Got your bags packed up
And your mind is set on touching the stars
Can´t you tell I´m ready to leave
So I can meet you wherever you are, baby

Something ´bout the sky
Something ´bout tonight
Something ´bout the way you look
Something ´bout your eyes
Something ´bout that flight
that makes me wanna ride in outer space with you all night

[Chorus: repeat]

We can start the countdown now
Got my rockets turned on
So we can blast off straight to the moon
You can take that jacob off
Cause we won´t be coming back no time soon, oh no, we won´t

[Bridge: repeat]
[Chorus: repeat]

We can reach the sun by dawn
Feel the heat that´s pouring at me
NASA should call off the search cause this Earth has nothing for me

Buckle up your seatbelts
We´re about to land in 2- seconds
Oh, oh, Thank You
Thank You for continuing to fly with me
throughout this whole ride, ride
Thank You, You, oh, Thank You, You

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