Kelly Clarkson – Save you

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I can tell,
I can tell,
How much you hate this.
Deep down inside,
You know it’s killing me.
I can call, wish you well,
And try to change this.
But nothing I can say,
Would change anything.

Where were my senses?
I left them all behind.
Why did I turn away?

I wish I could save you.
I wish I could say to you,
I’m not going nowhere.
I wish I could say to you,
It’s gonna be alright.

I didn’t mean,
Didn’t mean,
To leave you stranded.
Went away cause I,
Didn’t want to face the truth.
Reaching out,
Reach for me,
Empty handed.
You don’t know if I care.
You’re trying to find the proof.

There were times I’d wonder,
Could I have eased your pain?
Why did I turn away?

We can pretend nothings changed.
Pretend it’s all the same.
And there will be no pain,
It’s gonna be alright.





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