Kevin Johansen – All i wanna do is you

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Waste my time just thinking of, drinking of you
Lose my time just hoping for, doping for you
Cause all I really want to do is you
I work like crazy and I try to concentrate
But all I do is think of our possible fate
Cause all I really want to do is you

I wake the days, I walk the nights
I pray to the moon, Im in my right
And I hope that time is on my side
Cause all I wanna do is

Woman, heres a soldier, fighting a war
Against everyone, reality has become
His worst enemy, now, youre his muse
Youre his ammunition, so give
To his cause, make your contribution
To his and your love!

Another day, another dime
Another dream, another crime
Cause thats what it is, baby
To waste my precious little time
When all I wanna do is you

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