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KISS – Rise to it

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All that style all going to waste
All that beauty, but you never show your face
I´m gonna make my way to you, knock down your door and walk on through
I´m impatient, times a wasting?, girl, if you give me an occasion

I´m gonna rise to it, you know I really can do it
I´m gonna rise, I´m gonna rise, I´m gonna rise to it
When you´re lying next to me, baby, I can guarantee, I´m gonna rise to it

I´ll give you fever, I´ll give you chills
Make you a believer, ooh, I´m gonna break your will
A little danger, a little fun, we´re gonna take ?me one by one
Walk the wire of desire, and if you dare to take it higher


Get up, lights, camera, action, it´s getting time for the show
Tonight you´re the main attraction
And if you want a lover who can play the other role, I´m gonna, I´m gonna

Chorus repeats


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