Korn – Seen it all

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I´m an animal
I´m a victim
I´m the answer to your prayers
I´m a witness
On the witchhunt
I´m the monster of the stairs
I´m ghost that´s
In the mirror
I´m everything that you fear
I´m the riptide
I´m the soldier
I´m the voice that´s in your head

I´ve seen it all
Still can´t taste it
Smashed to the wall
That brought me to my knees
I´ve done it all
Fucked up
Still in my blood
But now inside unseen

I´m the hunted
I´m a predator
I´m the answer to the riddle
I´m the upbeat
I´m the headfuck
I´m the way yarn flips to the middle
I the payer
I´m maniving
I´m the one who´s not addicted
I´m illogic
Turn the fuck up
I´m the broken one who fixed it

[Chorus x2]

I´m just a child
With tears in it´s eyes
I am holding this gift
That is broken
What do I have left now

I´ve seen it all
I´ve done it all
I´ve seen it all
I´ve done it all

[Chorus x2]

Now inside unseen

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