Lordi – Biomechanic man

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Biomechanic man aw waw
You need some lovin?o?monstermaniac style and fashion and I´m a device of horny steel
You need to believe in the dirty lovin?o? lusty passion you need a spin in the torture wheel
I say yeah now who could put it there now who could really care I hear the call yeah
I can biomechanic man who are you biomechanic man waw
You need to be on a roll and make a show of money you need to get the healer here
You gotta know when it´s bad it´s gonna be funny you gotta get in the cyber feel
I say yeah need to know when and were now who could make you fear I hear the call yeah
I am biomechanic man ooh yeah biomechanic man waw biomechanic biomechanic man
I´m all man and all machine a little sicko little mean I rock your brains out and you´re sure to be damned
I lick your little finger then I chew up your hand for that´s who I am the biomechanic man ooh yeah
Now who could make you feer I hear the call yeah I am the biomechanic biomechanic man hooh
I am biomechanic man biomechanic man biomechanic man
Aw aw aw aw biomechanic man biomechanic man

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