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Marion Raven – For you i?ll die

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You said I´m yours to keep
With your voice so deep
You were just talking in your sleep

I´ll do what you´ll crave
My life for you I´ll waive
All I get is a spot next to your grave

[Pre-Chorus :]
And you´re a fool to not see
I´m not hanging here to keep you company

[Chorus :]
But what am I supposed to do
When all hope is gone?
How am I supposed to leave you
When you´re the only one?
I made a deal with Mrhades
My soul he wants to buy
For you I´ll die

Oh this is the end
My only friend the end
are words from our favorite band
I know we´re not astray
My love won´t decay
Are thing that you´ll never say

[Pre-Chorus 2 :]
It is strange how time flies
It´s been a year that´s gone by
And you don´t know the color of my eyes

For you I´ll die

No-oh, no-oh, no-oh:

[Pre-Chorus 2]
For you I´ll die
For you I´ll die
For you I´ll die


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