Massacre – MAJESTIAL

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There´s gonna be a pain
submits makes me down
I´ll find the reason when
my body hits the ground
we all sung, we are too young
selling it down thru this
you’ve try to be myself
paralysing me down
and what the bill
obnoxiously gives now
we all sung , we are too young
I never screwed it while you stand there alone
please hold me tight
you’re always right
please hold me tight
when nothing bring hope
it happen to me
his father died and left him
a small farm in New England
all the long black funeral cars
left the scene
looking at the shiny red tractor
that him and his daddy
used to sit aside
the blue fields that
greased that night
it was like someone have
spread butter
let the ship slide open

(Letra vista 1 veces, 1 veces hoy)