Sum 41 – Fake My Own Death

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All bets are off but you still
Think that you’ve got a right well
Your lucky days are numbered now
(And you’re to blame)
You built your castle of sand
Shaking the devil’s hand well
At least I’ve still got my soul to sell

You’ve got to take me away
Cause I wanna feel (wanna feel)
Something that’s real (thing that’s real)
Help me escape
Cause I wanna be (I’ll take my last breath)
Left to be free (I just wanna fake my own death)

You played your part of the whore
You’ve got some kinda nerve or
Have you forgot I don’t forget?
(And you’re too late)
You walk beside the dead where
The angels never tread well
At least I’ve still got a soul to sell

There’s nowhere to run from hell and above
I swear to God that someday there will be blood

It all comes down in the end
In spite of me you do it again





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