Agust D – Skit

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Yoongi’s brother: hey!
oh, you got here fast.
Yoongi: no, no, I was just right outside. (to waitress) hello.
waitress: welcome.
Yoongi: we’ll sit here, I’ll get two orders of lamb ribs.
Yoongi: the entirety of this mixtape I’m doing this time….
isn’t something I’m doing as BTS’ Suga, I think it’s more like showing one of my many other sides.
anyhow, for the whole time that I’ve been doing music, hyung has believed in me a lot, that’s really… I said as much to Yankie hyung and Suran noona earlier, that me being able to do music like this is thanks to my hyung’s belief in me.
and no matter how I look at it, I think that having someone who believes in you like that is in itself a good thing.
Yoongi’s brother: to me… ever since your trainee times until you finally made it, I’ve believed in you.





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