98 Degrees – Invisible Man

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You can hardly wait to tell all your friends
How his kisses taste sweet like wine
And how he always makes your heart skip a beat
Every time he walks by
And if you’re feeling down, he’ll pick you up
He’ll hold you close when you’re making love
He’s everything you’ve been dreaming of (oh, baby)

I wish you’d look at me that way
Your beautiful eyes looking deep into mine
Telling me more than any words could say
But you don’t even know I’m alive
Baby, to you, all I am is the invisible man

You probably spend hours on the phone
Talking ‘bout nothing at all
It doesn’t matter what the conversation
Just as long as he called
Lost in a love so real and so sincere
You wipe away each other’s tears
Your face lights up whenever he appears


(You don’t see me)
I see you all the time, baby
(You don’t see me)
The way you look at him
(You don’t see me)
I wish it was me, sweetheart
Boy, I wish it was me
But I guess it’ll never be






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