98 Degrees – Do You Wanna Dance

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Baby, I gotta ask you
Do you wanna dance
Because I’m in the mood
I’ve been watching
From across the room
The way you’re moving
I could get into you

Tonight is the night I wanna dance with you
My heart is beating faster than I want it to
‘Cause the music is right and the groove starts to move
Can I find a way to get down with you
Put your hand in mine, yeah
Let me look into your eyes
Let’s not waste any time, girl
‘Cause this feeling’s so strong that I can’t deny


I look in your eyes and my world starts to shake
Intoxicating me with every move you make
Come and get down with your favorite tune
I feel the need to get with you soon
Ooh, you’re looking so fine
And I’m liking the way that you move
Girl, you’re making me high
And there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to you






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