Anthrax – Subjugator

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Out in the streets
We´re fighting tonight
We´re dirty and mean
So run for you lives

We stand side by side
With our fists in the air
We live for the night
On the razor?s edge

Unleashing the sound
Lashing out, striking down
All those who stand in the way

Taking their lives
Crushing them just like flies
The cries of the wounded in pain

Fighting the fight
As we race through the night
With power like never before

Hammering, bashing them,
Pounding and smashing them
Hard so we won´t take a fall

Like a raging inferno
We´ll torture and burn (you)
Up in a sea of flame

We´ll beat you and whip you
Of honor, we´ll strip you
Down on your knees and beg

We´re fighting it out till the end
We´re living our lives for the sins





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