Anthrax – The enemy

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The plans, of a race gone mad
A final solution to pass
All dreams are taken from their lives
No hope for the young all the old realize

He is but a solitary man
Whose prejudice will spread like a flame
Throughout the land
He´s enslaving those who will be free
Etching his own name in black
For all of us to hear and see

A yellow star for those accused
There´s no escape once you´ve been pinned
A relocation only to confuse
And all their propaganda to hide the awful truth

Screams – In the night
scars so deep that they won´t mend
Screams – In the night
in their souls they can´t pretend

Six million lives on the hands of heads of state
They followed orders from above
Then one man when all was lost
He took his life, he?ll never pay the price

They cannot hide or defend or disguise
For the truth is well known there?ll be no alibis
Judgement will pass and their fates won´t be kind
for the final solution was mass genocide





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