Ashlee Simpson – Outta My Head

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[T:] Why you acting so reserved?
Talk to me, girl

[A:] What? Is that all you got to say?
What what? You´re rubbing me the wrong way
See all this moving
But I don´t » what to say
Shut up your chatter
I need for you to go away

And all I ever hear is ay ya ya ya ya
You´re talking way too much
I can´t even hear me now
All this noise is messing with my head
You´re in my head, get outta my head
Outta my, outta my head
Get outta my head
Outta my, outta my head
Outta my, outta my head
Just what I said, what

You looking at me, boy?
Show me repsect, or I´ll show you the door
Get out that door
Lately, I´ve a problem with the way you behave
You´re too much
And all» for me


All your opinions, keep them to yourself
Just let me think so I can hear myself
Wouldn´t it be nice if I could just go solo, take a day off
I´d be all right if you would just leave me»
Ay ya ya ya, you´re talking way too much
You tell me one time» I´ll bite your head off »
who I am, and I can´t be no one else
You´ve got nothing nice to say, keep your comments to yourself


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