beat cairo – could you come back

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Could You Come Back ?

(Elena “?? Bavetta) 1997

Do you have to leave me
and do I have to let you go ?
that won’t make me stop
won’t break me down

Do you have to hurt me
even when there’re tears in my eyes ?
I see how my life is getting ruined
I’m getting mad

Till now I’ve believed that love
could never tear us apart
dreams we shared, plans we made
the fun we had all along
say I’m wrong !
when I’m back to our place
that makes me cry
may be somehow I’ll get over this
It was one day when I saw the sky
and I saw you smile, it was so real
and then woke up, I opened my eyes
and I realized, you were just a dream

Do you have to leave me
my world tinges in blue now
if a single word
would come from you

Do you have to see how
how I hold you in my arms
you’ve have always been my paradise
now you’re my hell

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