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Bryan Adams – Coming home

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All those nights I´ve spent alone,
Uninspired, so tired and wasted
There´s lots of times I´d have telephoned,
I couldn´t find the words to say,

I´m coming home,
Lord I´m coming home
I´ll make it short,
I´ll make it sweet,
Make it up to you and me
I´m not the same guy I used to be,
What can I do to make you believe,

I´m coming home,
Oh I´m coming home
I´m coming home,
Yeah I´m coming home
Only seems like yesterday,
You and I were sayin? goodbye,
Now I´m just a few miles away
Gonna see you tonight

I´ve been alone and I live the pain,
Reach for you in desperation
I was wrong, I´ll take the blame,
I need you back now I just can´t wait,

I´m coming home
Yeah I´m coming home
Coming home,
I´m just coming, coming,
Waiting it out
I´m just coming home

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