Celedonio Esteban Flores – Mano a mano (ingles)

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Re-crazy in my sadnessÑ??today I evoke you and see you’ve been
In my poor miserable life you were a good woman;
Your presence of high class lady heated up my nest
You were good, and therefore I know that you’ve loved me
Like you didn’t love anyone like you’ll not be able to love

The play of not waiting was on When you, poor woman
Cross-stepped poverty in the boarding house;
Today you are all of a high class lady, life laughs and sings at you
The bread (money) of the otario you play with it carelessly
Like the alley cat plays with the miserable mouse

Today you have your head full Of unhappy illusions
The otarios cheated you The girlfriends, the gavion *2
The milonga among magnates With their crazy temptations
Where pretensions of milongueras Succeed and are abandoned
Have gotten way inside Your poor heart

I don’t owe you thanks Hand to hand we have remained
I don’t care what you have done What you do, nor what you’ll do
The favors that were received I believe I’ve paid them back
And if a small debt Without wanting to I have forgotten
If you want you can charge it In the account of the otario

Meanwhile that your successes
Poor passing successes
May they be a long line of wealth and pleasure
That the guy that overwhelms you
May he have lasting pesos and embrace you
With milongueros’ whims
So the boys can say She’s a good woman

And tomorrow when you are
Old and discardable furniture
And you don’t have any hopes
In your poor heart,
If you need some help
If you’re in need of an advice
Remember this friend
That will play his skin off
To help you in what he can
When the occasion arises





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