David Gilmour – Cry from the street

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Black shadows dance
Beyond the neon glow
There´s rumors in your head
And just one way to go
Oh so tight
It makes your blood run cold
The way is blind
Try to save your soul
Don´t even pray
Just cry from the street

It´s fine as you leave
The one they keep at home
So you love someone
That you thought you owed
You know it´s a crime
But what can you do?
That´s the price you pay
With each turn of the screw
But don´t pay no mind
Just cry from the street

You really love the night
Even though you´re alone
It´s such a cryin? shame
That things are so wrong
It´s the sign of the scream
That it blinds your feet
I guess the chance is ours
You wish to stay and sleep
But don´t even pray
Just cry from the street





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