David Gilmour – You know I´m right

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You can scream and shout with all your might
Dig in your heels and hold on tight
Either you are wrong or I am right

You speak the lines you´ve overheard
The ring of truth in every word
You know you´re right and that´s absurd

We really seem to have a problem here
But it is you or me
Whatever I have going through my mind
You always have to disagree
It´s just a matter of opinions
It´s not a simple fact
Why don´t you try to see the other side
Don´t turn your back

Now we survey this silent battleground
Recriminations all around
And still no compromise is found

Now we really have a problem
And it won´t just disappear
And all the friends we thought we could rely on
Just want to whisper in my ear

«It´s just a matter of opinions
You know you keep both in sight
Why should you bother with the other side
When you know yours is right»





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