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DMX – Ready to meet him

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Please give me the strength I need to live
Bear with me

We each walk the path, that we´ve chosen

I´m ready to meet him
We´re I´m living ain´t right
Black hate whit
White hate black
It´s right back
To the same fight
They got us suspecting a war
But the real war is to follow the law of the lord

Lord, you left me stranded
And I don´t know why
Told me to live my life
Now I´m ready to die
Ready to fly
I cry, but I shed no tears
You told me you would dead those fears, it´s been years
Snakes still coming at me
Just missing
Sometimes I think all you doing me is just listen
I thought that I was special
Thats what you told me
Hold me
Stop acting like you don´t know me
What?d I do so bad that it sent you away from me
Not only sent you away, but made you stay away from me
(My child I´m here, as I´ve always been, it was you who went away,
And now are back again, what did I say?)
Follow your word, and be true
(What did you do?)
Well:what I wanted to do
(What have you seen?)
Darkness and hell at a glance
(What do you want?)
All I want is another chance


(Just because you went away, my doors are not locked, wanna come back home, all you gotta do is knock)
Ya see, I left home a boy, I returned as a man
Full grown, and I´m still not able to stand
(I gave you a hand)
Wellbut I was looking the wrong way
Figured out the plan, then I started to pray
And that prayer, took me from here to over there
Back to over here
Now they got me like where?
Do I belong?
Do I fit in?
Things on my mind, where do I begin?
It´s easier to sin, but it hurts my heart
I´m really tryin? to win, so where do we start?
(Thou shall not steal)
But, what if he stole from me?
(Thou shall not kill)
But what if he´s tryin? to kill me?
(Thou shall not, take my, name in vain, no matter how hard it rains, withstand the pain)


Our father, who art in heaven
I´m not ashamed to ask for guidance, at 27
No longer afraid to knock on your door
Not scared anymore to lose my life in the war
After what I just saw, I´m ridin? with the lord
Cause I really can´t afford to lose my head by the sword
And now that I´ve seen, what I need to see
Please take me, where I need to be
(What have you learned?)
It´s better to tell the truth than to lie
(What have you learned?)
To love my life until I die
(What have you learned?)
Violence isn´t always the key
(What have you learned?)
You can´t always believe what you see
(What have you learned?)
It´s better to forgive and forget
(What have you learned?)
Give as you expect to get
(What have you learned?)
That I can´t go on without you
(What have you learned?)
I musta been a fool to ever doubt you


I´m ready to meet him

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