Enrique Santos Discepolo – Esta noche me emborracho (ingles) TONIGHT I’M GETTING DRUNK

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Alone, fagged out, haggard and all drawn,
I saw her this morning at dawn
as she left a cabaret
skinny, two feet of neck, by all odds,
and a wattle down to the decolletage
dangling away
knockkneed, dressed like a girl half her years
tinted hair and coquetting on soher nudite

She looked like a rooster all plucked out,
showing in a brave but futile try
its hide that’s gouged and pecked out
I, who know when I can’t stand any more,
on seeing her thus, ran off —
so not to cry

And to think that just ten years ago —
her — my patootie!
that I sank as low as treason
for sake of her beauty!
that what today is but a run-down wreck
was once the sweet passion cutie
where I lost all of my honor
that crazy for her pretty head

I stole from my own mother her bread —
I became vile and a sponger
that I was left without a friend
that I lived of faith bereft
that she had me down on my knees,
immoral, a beggar in the end,
the day she left

I never dreamed that I would see her
in a «thus may she rest in peace»
so cruel as that of today
See here, if suicide’s not my best release,
since due to this crumbling junkpiece
I am now this way
Fiendish vengeance is the way of Time,
which makes you see all torn apart
she who once had your heart
And this encounter made me feel so bad,
that if I think on it more,
I’ll end up poisoned, no doubt
Tonight I’m getting good and drunk —
I’ll pass out good, pass out! —
so not to think





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