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Hey there baby are you feeling down?
Cause you´ve got nobody´s arms to wrap your arms around
Are you thinking what you´re looking for just can´t be found
If a part-time heart is what you need
What you want now baby you won´t get from me
If it´s part-time love you´re looking for
Darling don´t be knocking on my door
But if you need someone to stand there beside you
If you want a love that´s true
I got a heart with your name on it, name on it
I got a love, I got a love, I got a love for you
I got a heart put your cliam on it, claim on it
This heart will, this heart will beat for you if
You want it to wo-ooh
Love is waiting in these arms of mine
If you´re looking for a love that´s the forever kind
Baby you don´t have to look no more
Look in my eyes
If you want somebody you can hold
I´ll be the one who?ll never let you go
If you want somebody who will stay
I´ll be the one who?ll never walk away
If you need someone who?ll stand there beside you
Nothing less is gonna do


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