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Robbie Williams – Killing Me

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I don´t mind the abuse
It fills in time
When I´m not much use
But it´s killing me, killing me slowly

They all say
I´m too restless
But words cut deep
When you´re defenceless
And they´re killing me, but killing me slowly

There was a time when we were fine
And I could tolerate you
I do believe that you should leave
?cos I´ve grown to hate you
Should I be weak and turn my cheek
?cos I´m scared to fall
But I just don´t know you
And you don´t know me at all

I´ve been told that love´s a celebration
But I´ve lost faith through frustration
And it´s killing me, but killing me slowly

You paint my picture black
The joke?s on me
And I don´t wanna laugh
Remember the good times
Won´t´ you bring them back someday, somehow

I don´t mind feeling blue
If I could smile just like you do
And it´s killing me, killing me slowly

I can´t go on alone
Pretending nothing?s wrong
Maybe I just want to belong
Somewhere, somehow, somehow

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh





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