Green Day – Saint Jimmy

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St Jimmy is coming down across the alleyway
Upon the Boulevard like a zip gun on parade
Light of a silhouette, he´s insubordinate
Coming at you on the count of 1, 2, 3, 4

My name is Jimmy and you better not wear it out
Suicide commando that you momma talked about
King of the 4- thieves and I´m here to represent
The needle in the vein of the estabushment

I´m the patron Saint of the Denial
With an angel face
And a taste for suicidal

Cigarettes and ramen a little bag of dope
I am a son of a bitch and Edgar Allan Poe
Raised in the city under a halo of lights

Product of war and fear
That we´ve been victimized

I´m the patron saint of the denial
With an angel face and a taste
For suicidal


My Name is Saint Jimmy
I´m a son of a gun
I´m the one
That´s from the way outside

A teenage assassin
Executing some fun
In the cult of the life of crime

I´d really hate to say it but I told you so,
So shut your mouth before I shoot
Down ol?boy

Welcome to the club and
Give me some blood I´m the resident
Leader from the lost and found

It´s comedy and tragedy, it´s Saint Jimmy
And that´s my name AND DON´T WEAR OUT





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