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Tannia Lee with… – The drama teen

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Just an actress, trying to get you back
Just a singer, wanting you to be so sad
I want you to look me all the time
I want oyu to take it slow,
Cause my secret is too much

I am the drama teen girl you know
but i’ve something special you don’t know
I f you want to knwo it just come over here
I’m the misterious one, don’t you see?
I am better than your girl
I am better than that girl
That moves your floor, but you can’t feel nothing for her
I can make you belive in what i say
I’m the drama teen girl!

I won three times the prize of
» the greatest dreamer» but all in my dreams
is coming true, that stuff is going me by, so on!

Pink and soulish, the style of the paintonite
and now the glamm is taking out your life
like a bubble inside your eyes

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