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Tannia Lee – just good

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So tell me, are you really the one who promised
to be the one who’ll always love me?
That was such a lie, cause now left me up on a side
are you the one who left me in the road alone?
Or you change now, better you than the other one
Just tell me, do you think I’m still the freaky girl
that you bumped into that day
Is that the worst mistake? (I don’t think so)

Just good, tell me if it’s ok
that I forgive you now,
Or I had to still beeing around my mine?
Shall I let you there, where I had stand
or I can continue, with my own life?

The greatest show maybe feels away
A kind of love without any touch
Prepare for the one who comes
a real me, not the poor dolly one

So say me, I can trust in you?
Or you still beeing the same fucking boy?
I searched for you in the misssing place
but nothing like stay
Nothing like be just good for you

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