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Joss Stone – Torn & tattered

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Might as well get used to you
End it all like you said you´ll do
Cause talk is cheap boy out on the street
Cause people know when there´s heat

I´m torn and I´m tattered
Sick and tired living my life singing the same old song
Oh I, I feel a little battered
Looks like I´m living my life running a one-man show
Oh, I, I don´t know where the feeling?s gone
I´ll survive, I´ll stay alive, I´m gonna carry on

Tell me tell me, won´t you tell me
Where´s my mister man
Who will try to deny me now
Everything I plan to be


Riding the rodeo
Up and down we go, yeah
Where we´ll end up
I just don´t know
Like a rodeo
Down we go
(Riding the rodeo
up and down we go [4x])


I got to walk away
I got to end this pain
I´m gonna make it through
See, I´m getting over you [2x]

I´ll stay, stay alive
I´ll stay alive
Look at my face
(Riding a rodeo, so high, so fly [2x])

(I don´t know)
I´m torn and I´m tattered


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