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Phil Collins – Can´t stop loving you

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So you´re leavin´
in the mornin?
on the early train

Well I could say
everything?s all right
and I could pretend
and say goodbye

Got your ticket,
got your suitcase,
got your leaving smile,
though I could say that´s the way it goes,
and I could pretend you won´t know
That I was lying

Cause I can´t stop loving you,
No, I can´t stop loving you,
No, I won´t stop loving you,
Why should I?

We took a taxi,
to the station,
not a word was said
and I saw you walk across the road
for maybe the last time, I don´t know

Feeling humble
heard a rumble on the railway track
and when I hear the whistle blow,
I´ll walk away and you won´t know,
that I´ll be crying


Even try,
I´ll always be here by your side
Why, why, why?
I never wanted to say,
Why even try?
I´m always here, if you change,
change your mind

So you´re leavin´,
in the mornin?,
on the early train
Well, I could say everything?s alright,
and I could pretend and say goodbye,
But that would be lying

[Chorus 2x]

Why should I?
Why should I? tell me,
Why should I, even try?


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