Pantera – The Great Southern Trendkill

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It´s wearing on my mind, I´m speaking all my doubts aloud
You rob a dead mans grave, then flaunt it like you did create

If I hit bottom and everythings gone
In the great mississippi, please drown me and run

It´s digging time again, you´re nurturing the weakest trend

Those with the heart and the brain to get past this
Can spot a pathetic without even asking

Fuck your magazine, and fuck the long dead plastic scene
Pierce a new hole, if hell was ?in?
You´d give your soul

The great southern trendkill
That´s right,
The great southern trendkill

Buy it at a store, from mtv to on the floor
You look just like a star, it´s proof you don´t know who you are

It´s bullshit time again, you´ll save the world within !
Your trend

Politically relieved, you´re product sold and well received
The right words spoken gold, if I was God you´d sell your soul to


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