Pantera – The Undeground in America

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Put in position to wage teenage mayhem
A common affair for the ones who are juiced
If it is weakness that grants us the power
We thrive on what´s stronger than most of the world

Glass breaks/the dimming lights/sweat, heat and profane debate/
The smart ones stay on the outside/while drunken heads and
Arms erupt/centered man swings a punch, spits a tooth, postures
Odd/a punk rock escapade/five bucks a head to be king dick in the crowd

We are the ones who must sport the position
Cheap beer/trendy clicks/lesbian love is accepted and right/
Shaved heads meet hair in the mix/blending the 8-?s and 9-?s
With hate

Shows on/dates canceled/kicked out for reasons that seem !
Fair/skin crusts against the cops/a foregone conclusion that´s
Tired and beat
Ringworm,crabs and lice/vd ecstasy, speed and horse/a
Heaven/of unmatched importance/an honor of sex to be stuck by the
Rich homes/with money and food/abandoned for the bums on the
Street/a lifestyle that´s unexplainable/don´t try and save what is
All meant to be

If it is free/from (a) family that´s seen/you can just keep it
If you must beg/it´s better instead/you must follow the etiquette
You know when it rains you´re in your bed at home
You act so real when you are alone
You better not let the mohawked crowd see
Give it five years, you´ll retire your piercings
You must admit that you mimic the weaklings

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