Jennifer Lopez – Wrong When You re Gone

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Guess I Should Have Shut My Mouth
But I Had To Get It Out
So Much For Being Headstrong
Now Im, Going Halfway Out My Mind
I Know I Was Outta Line
No Scratch That, I Was Dead Wrong

Know I Shoulda Let It Go
But I Just Had To Be Right
Coulda Left It Alone
But No, I Had To Be Right
Swear I Woulda Just Fell Back
If I Knew All I’d Be Left With Is These
Shoulda, Coulda, Wouldas Cuz You’re Gone

Now Im Here Trippin
Cuz You Came Up Missin
And My Head Keeps Spinnin
It’s Gettin Outta Control
I’m Backin Down This Time
I Don’t Wanna Fight
I Don’t Care Who’s Right

Cuz I’m Wrong When You’re Gone
When You’re Gone

I Know I Pushed You Out
Runnin Off At The Mouth
Sayin All The Wrong Things
Callin You Out Your Name
I Was Unpredictable
I Was So Emotional
I Swear I’m Gonna Do Better
Can We Get This Back Together Again



Cuz I’m Wrong When You’re Gone
When You’re Gone






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